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Welcome to our brand new website. Since there is a possibility of a bug or two please send us an email if you have any difficulties. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to send us an email

Before you can apply to any show you have to register as a user on the site. Only registered users can apply to the shows.

Registration is simple, click "Create an account" beneath artist login/registration to the right or on any of our webpages. YOU THEN WILL FIND THE REGISTRATION INFORMATION BY SCROLLING DOWN ON THE PAGE.

You will be asked to fill out a handful of fields and create a user name and password. Once you complete your registration an email will be sent to you shortly after (be patient, check your spam). There is a link in the email to click to activate your account, click it and you will be able to log into the site. You may wish to stash the email someplace as it will contain your user name and password so you can access it in the future. If you do not recieve your activation email (check you Spam folder) as some email providers may reject emails. If for any reason you do not receive your activation information send us an email and we will activate your account. 

Now you are ready to apply to any show. Just go to the "APPLY" tab at the top of any webpage and follow the instructions. It's simple and easy to fill out the applications.

REMEMBER to fill out all fields and check all boxes properly and then click Submit and Pay. Be sure to accept the terms and conditions by clicking on all Terms and Condition boxes. At this stage you will be taken to a Paypal payment page. boulderbrook uses paypal as their secure payment company. You do not need a paypal account to pay, you will be able to use a credit or debit card securely to pay. 

As is standard, you will be able to fill out an on line application, upload images, and pay via credit card for each show. Payments go through Paypal and boulderbrook never receives your credit card information. 

YOU DO NOT NEED a Paypal Account to pay for your applications. BUT ALL PAYMENT METHODS will go through Paypal we use Paypal to process credit card payments as well. On the application you will only be allowed to select Paypal as the payment method. You will be guided to Paypal and to pay by credit card just click "I do not have a Paypal Account" and you will be guided to a basic credit card payment form.

After you pay you will receive an email from Paypal that confirms your application has been processed and payment was received. We also receive the same email and we get a copy of your application and check it to see that it has no errors. If your application has errors we will let you know via email.


(3) Images of your work. Please upload 3 images of your work. We do not require LARGE files. Files should be under 2Megs. Please make sure these are good quality images, as you will be judged on what can be seen. Your images that you use to apply to other events will work fine. DISPLAY/Booth IMAGE: We do not require an image of your display for application, but we may request one before you are accepted to an event. 


(non-refundable): Application-processing fee per each art show. You must make a separate application payment for each event. All application fees are standard: $25. YOU CAN NOW APPLY TO MORE THAN ONE EVENT AT A TIME.


Fees range from, $333, $350, $385 and $400 (for Sanibel Masters) as it costs us so much more for the Sanibel location and police requirements locations. Show amount is noted on all versions of applications. If you are applying online you will be notified of your acceptance and you will receive an alert that will guide you to the proper way to pay your booth fee after acceptance.


You must send us an email to cancel an event, no phone calls. We do not establish waiting lists for our shows, we will consider refunds and future show credits if we are able to replace you at the event.


If you are accepted, additional show information such as, lodging, parking, set-up times, directions, etc. will be included in your email confirmation. You will receive more and more specific emails as we get closer to each event which will include show layout maps, booth assignments, parking, and set up information.


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